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Store uses eye catching poster to highlight need for furniture

It might be nothing more than a sign of the times but the biggest concern currently facing the Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store isn’t the need for a mystery benefactor will step forward or even for a rich philanthropist to remember us in his or her will; no it’s much more basic than that… it’s finding enough tables, chairs and beds to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients.

That’s why throughout 2012 L&MFS has been actively engaged in a city wide poster campaign that highlights this particular need.

The A4 poster that depicts a young woman and a child standing in an empty room was designed by the granddaughter of one of the charity’s trustees and carries the words: “With your help, we can make this house in a home”.

“It stands to reason,” says Chair of Trustees John Sherbourne, “that if people aren’t buying as much new there will be less used furniture coming our way.  However, sadly, this is something of a vicious circle because the self same factors that are preventing people buying new are those that are forcing many of the people we have referred to us even deeper into poverty”.

Up to now more than 500 posters have been sent out to estate agents, churches and community groups in and around Leeds with electronic images appearing on numerous websites.  

If you would like to obtain either an A4 hard copy or a pdf or jpeg image of the poster please email