Seventeen years on, heart-warming thanks (and some much needed furniture) from a client who never forgot the help L&MFS gave her

Earlier this week we had a message on our answer-phone from a lady who wished to donate some furniture. When we called her back to arrange collection she told us about how she had first heard about L&MFS. Later that day she sent us an email which we reproduce here in full.

Your organisation is very dear to me. Many years ago (17 to be precise), I left the care system and used your service, I was amazed at the furniture provided and was very grateful.

Since adulthood I have worked within the supporting people sector and have always remembered you to refer clients.

I have come so far from the care system and I have now bought my own home, hence the amount of furniture I am able to donate. It’s an honour and a privilege to give back to your organisation after all these years.

 Thank you so much.

When times are hard and funding so difficult to come by such words bring real encouragement to everyone connected with the Store.

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