Connect 2012 – L&MFS joins city wide networking group

Trustee David Gladman and Hilary Willmer, one of the founders of L&MFS

From Bramley to Bramhope and from Middleton to Moortown the name of the game was connection!

Organised and hosted by Network Leeds, Connect 2012 was the latest in a long line of annual networking events that bring together Christians from all different backgrounds, cultures and LS postcodes.This year’s theme was ‘Connecting Across Our DIVER-city!’ a title which expressly highlighted the fact that outside London Leeds is statistically the most diverse city in the UK.

With a giant floor map depicting the entire LS region and “area marshals” strategically placed to add detail more than 200 guests worked their way around the city sharing any number of stories and ideas of past achievements and future hopes.

Held this year at the City of Leeds School in Woodhouse two halls were lined with more than thirty different stands each representing either a Leeds based charity or some form of support group.

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